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Cosmic Channel

Image by Puvida Productions

Cosmic Love Channel

Channel of Source Energy

We  are all so connected.   The sun, the moon, the stars and the seeds of the earth. 

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

We know the road has not been especially easy lately... lately is very relative because time is very relative... lately could even mean most of your life... "Lately" is an experience of the recent incarnation of your soul here. "Lately" is also during these massive transitional upgrades. And though it's happening for YOUR physical body in YOUR upgrade process. It's a different vibration from the upgrades happening for others. This is something that many have not necessarily perceived... the upgrades are *staircased* across many humans in the collective.

Though there is a bump of big upgrade, a massive influx of light, happening in a short period of time for all.

The difference from one person to another can be quite extreme, because if one person is...we use the analogy of stairs because it's more concrete in your mind, though it's not as simple as this, because there's not a "less valuable level of the staircase," but if one person is standing on the first stair step, and someone else is standing on the second, third, fourth consecutively... let's go all the way up to seven... When the bump of energy comes in the person on the first stair might bump all the way up to three. But the person on the seventh stair might bump, all the way up to 10.

Do you see that there is a up rising of everyone, but at different variable speeds and two different frequencies. Again every frequency is useful, and it is beneficial to have people in different levels of resonance across the planet. And even though it can be hard for you to communicate, find harmony and sometimes to agree with not only the people on your own. Step. but it's extra complicated if you're communicating and engaging with someone on an entirely different. Step. And again, these stairs are not a level of hierarchy that should be considered better or worse. And in fact, you could almost imagine that the stairs are like spiral stairs, where one end actually connects to the other. It's a loop of experience, and a conversion of time that's partially understood by many of you, but the construct of time is so linear in your experience of life here that it's nearly unrecognizable to you the way that we see the great unfolding of, moment by moment experiences across the many fractals of human multiplied exponential experience that we are all having together as one.

The mind boggling effect is nearly enough to shut down your mental capacities. And even if you think you can understand it on a logical level. The way in which you navigate the world. Often it rejects this concept in succession, in order for you to continue to navigate the space that you reside in, so that you can continue to function within a shared reality. With the majority of people with whom you speak. You see, there are many places from which to view this experience and if you wanted an experience of viewing it from the outside, where we are looking in to painted in a picture that makes sense to you, you would have chosen this perspective, and you did in the sense that you and me, are we and we are one. But you chose the perspective, from where you stand. So forgetting this continuation of multiple overlapping time is actually beneficial to you in your current. Now moment, it's reasonable to doubt that the communication coming through is only of your mental subconscious over laid concepts of everything, and we are here to remind you that this is who you are. We, and you. We are a collective engagement of information. We are not only giving you the perspective from where we stand but we are working in a harmonious engagement with you in the perspective where you stand. The information does not have to be bizarre and unusual in order to be true impactful and potent in both the receiving of it within your physical cellular structure and the offering of it to other physical beings around you. The human race has been programmed to seek power, and power often looks like a big and gregarious sweeps of expression. But Mother Nature would remind you that the tornadoes, the hurricanes and the large natural disasters that wake up and catch the attention of all Earth dwellers. Do not happen every moment that the clock moves from one second to the next. Even if you look at a year or some of the years that you have been in most recently, where the more over the top experiences of Mother Nature have happened in a more rapid succession. There were more minutes of the day. more seconds of the minutes, were the most simple experiences were full of magic. We have become accustomed to seeking out the strange and bizarre, it's partially the over the top entertainment factor that has been so woven into your nervous system. The fight, flight and all other expressions of hyper sensitive and overactive nervous energy within the electrical system of your body has been taken to the edge for a reason. You are less stable. When you are frazzled and fried by extreme entertainment stimuli. You have experienced this for your very own self, even in the last hours. As you engaged with mass media and felt the density of your core self somewhat plagued by the energy. It is a challenge to hold a current of steady, love, and a higher frequency. When your nervous system is taxed by the entertainment and intentionally. Quick, and distracting. Rapid Fire of information, especially of a lower vibrational level. We encourage you to seek the still small, simple moments of just breathing of watching the wind blow through the trees of feeling your body. Just move across the room a little more slowly with intentionality. Do you feel your feet on the earth. Do you feel yourself, move across the ground? These are highly, highly divine acts of being when you are fully in your body. And also, embodying the higher frequency decodes the light of the upper dimensions to be embodied in divinity, is to be an expression of God, the expression of God is illuminated on each and every face in a unique way and was designed to do so. These are gifts that the human form offers all of creation, the energetic light that emanates from your heart may not be seen by all human eyes. But the perception of truth can be heard. With the sound of your voice. And most importantly, with the hung of your heart. This transcends time, space, even life and death. For love prevails. love encompasses all love frequencies, which can be woven into the physical form and into the density, are the most crucial building blocks of the upgrade that we are receiving at this time. Let love guide the way. Let love and illuminate the path before you. You don't have to know every step you will take love will guide the way each step. Each day, leaning into the trust, and the faith of the path unfolding from your soul. That is yes, a spiritual mastery in this lifetime that many of you will commit to. But it is in action. It is in motion. It is happening around you. Whether you lean into it, embrace it and experience it or not. There are many choice points right now, of which the heart is the most important choice point. Will you hold a frequency of love. Will you hold a sound current within your auric field of love. Will you let love permeate every cell, an organ, an aspect of your entire body. Upgrading you, not only in physicality. But above all, spiritually. You came here for your own experience but more importantly, you came back for our experience together. We are bridging the gap between what has been up to now. And what has transpired. As part of the Great Awakening. We are lucky to experience this with you. And we remind you that we are here and will never leave you. Even if you slip away and the communication is weak. We hold you with compassion and love.

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