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Leslie Indigo Alison


What's inspiring you today?

So glad you are here now!

This life is a wild ride.  Its a full spectrum of experiences.

Are you ready to ride?!

Let's squeeze the juice out of this experience of being human and have an epic adventure ... a spiritual journey... a soul experience.

Great love,


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Focus :  Explorations in living Life

Here's what is rockin in life lately.  There's so much to explore and so many ways to co-create in these lifetimes.  

Image by Robert Murray

Align with Divine

Living in Sync with Source

Everything micro is macro & everything macro is micro.   The mirror of reality is within us.  When we Align with Divine we are have more opportunities to synch up with our multiverse potentials.


Creative Ritual

Meditation Creation Practice

Drop into your body and let the moment become timeless in creative practice. 

Image by V Srinivasan

The Whole Story

Full Spectrum Living

Sun and Moon. Deep and Wide.  Alpha and Omega.  Shiva Shakti. Left and Right.  Above and Below.  

This is the totality of everyONE. 

Brain Sketch

Body Technology

Turning on Our Super Powers

We have body technology that reflects the divine in human form.  We have barely begun to activate our biological technology.  We are  activating our crystalline grid both internally and externally and turning on our super powers.

Image by Puvida Productions

Cosmic Love Channel

Channel of Source Energy

We  are all so connected.   The sun, the moon, the stars and the seeds of the earth. 

Flower of life stamp_edited.jpg

Heart Power

The Portal of  Expansion

As above so below.  The heart is the bridge between dimensions.  The heart is a powerful portal of expansion.  This is why we are here.   Love.

Image by Nikita Kachanovsky


Boxing & Belly Dancing

Some how along the way I found myself playing with my extremes.  A little jab, jab, shimmy, shake.

Wild Path

FREEtime Practice

Wild hearted meandering

Forget everything you planned to do yesterday and everything you are going to do tomorrow.  This is the practice of letting go and being wild and free. 

Yes, we are creating something special together

Let's come together to create a new experience of living life on this earth...

We are co-creating this reality.  Let's be intentional and build something absolutely beautiful for us ALL.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at

We are creating a new reality together.


Deep Diving

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